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The Health Benefits of Adult Coloring Books

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Atune to vibration gratitude coloring book


If you can continuously be grateful day after day and truly feel good even amid the negative things around you, you will prevail.


Money makes the world go round!  Certainly, it keeps the wheels moving and gives us choices in life.  When you have money, doors open to you and to those you choose to help.  Attune your thoughts to the vibration to attract more of it, more easily, into your life.

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Spiritual affirmation coloring book for sale


To paraphrase Shakespeare, “There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” These words were scripted for Hamlet, talking about where science is lacking. I believe we are spiritual beings having a mortal experience. This coloring book both affirms and rejoices in our spiritual nature.

weight loss coloring book

Weight loss:

 Many of us are not truly happy with our body image but why do people often lose weight only to regain it just as quickly? It’s to do with how we think of ourselves. You can break this cycle when you change how you think of yourself. Let this coloring book help you make that change.

Powerful You coloring book

Powerful you:

You truly are a miracle, but do you really feel it? Raise your vibration to realize who you truly are. Remove fear and become empowered to live your life to its full potential.

Love Happiness coloring book

Love, happiness, peace:

If you have all these, you’re truly blessed. Let your thoughts work to attracting all of them when you color the beautiful designs in this book.

Freedome coloring book


This can mean different things to everybody, but it’s certainly a worthy ideal. When you’re free, you can do what you want to do, when you want to do it, whatever that means to you.

Family Unity Coloring book

Family unity:

It’s said you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family. However, you can improve the quality of the relationship you have with your nearest and dearest. Let this book focus you on the value of doing so.

Business Career coloring book

Business & career:

 Whether you are in business or have a job, work by yourself or with others, work can take up many hours and years of our lives so it should be a fulfilling endeavor. Help your work life along with the thoughts you send out through these affirmations.

Animal friends coloring book

Animal friends:

We share this planet with some amazing creatures. Send out positive energy, connection and love while enjoying these wonderful drawings and affirmations.

Abundant life coloring book

Abundant life:

True success is multi-faceted. This book leads your thoughts to attracting abundance in every area of your life.

Achievement coloring book


Man is an achieving machine, only truly happy when we’re realizing our goals. Learn to believe you’re capable of the achievements you desire when you color this book.

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